Just For A Day (September 2, 1991)
CAS UK Creation CCRE 094
CAS US SBK Records
LP UK Creation CRELP 094
CD UK Creation CRESCD 094
CD UK Creation PCRESCD 094 (August 1991) [Promo]
CD US SBK Records CDP-98074(Time: 43.44)
CD JP ???
CD AUS Shock Records SHOCK CD 1005
6.06 Spanish Air
4.12 Celia's Dream
4.22 Catch The Breeze
4.34 Ballad Of Sister Sue
4.27 Erik's Song
5.54 Waves
3.51 Brighter
4.47 The Sadman
5.29 Primal
Written by Neil Halstead, except for those marked with a '*', which are written by Halstead/Slowdive.
Notes: Lengths taken from the CD itself and not the sleeve!
Recorded at courtyard studios, abingdon. Engineered by
Chris Hufford. Produced by Halstead/Hufford. Mixed by
Slowdive. Note: courtyard studios is georgetown studios,
only with a new name.

Blue Day (February 1992)
CAS UK Creation CCRE 101
LP UK Creation CREX 101
CD UK Creation CRECD 139x (see details below)
CD UK Creation CRECDX 101 (Time: 35.40) @
CD JP ???
5.15 Slowdive
4.50 Avalyn 1 *
4.20 Morningrise
5.38 She Calls
5.00 Losing Today *
5.21 Shine +
5.14 Albatross
Written by Neil Halstead, except for those marked with a '*', which are written by Halstead/Slowdive.
Notes: Collection of "Slowdive", "Morningrise" and "Holding Our Breath"
except for 'Golden Hair', 'Catch The Breeze' and 'Avalyn II'.
Tracks c,d,e,f,g recorded at courtyard studios and engineered by
Chris Hufford. Tracks a,b recorded at the white house and
engineered by Martin Nichols. Tracks c,d remixed by Alan Moulder.
+ = Written by Slowdive. Released in Scandinavia, Benelux, France
and Japan only. Available in the U.S. and the UK with the initial
1000 copies of "Souvlaki" in a limited double cd edition
('brilliant box') as well, with the catalog number CRECD 139x.
Extra: @ = Only released in Scandinavia, Benelux, France and Japan.
Did Blue Day come out in the US as a bonus CD to Souvlaki?

souvlaki souvlaki
Souvlaki (June 1, 1993)
CAS UK Creation CCRE 139
LP UK Creation CRELP 139
CD UK Creation CRECD 139
CD UK Creation CRECD 139X (see details under 'Blue Day')
CD UK Creation PCRESCD 139 (1 June 1993) [Promo]
CD US Sony/Creation Records SCR 474071 2 (Time: 40.46)
CD US SBK Records SBK-88263 (February 1994, Time: 56:23)
CD JP ??? (Time: 40.46)
3.52 Alison
4.28 Machine Gun
3.16 40 Days
4.52 Sing +
2.20 Here She Comes
6.00 Souvlaki Space Station *
4.47 When The Sun Hits
3.43 Altogether
3.54 Melon Yellow
3.32 Dagger
3.24 Some Velvet Morning **
5.08 Good Day Sunshine **
4.16 Missing You **
3.35 Country Rain **
Written by Neil Halstead, except for those marked with a '*', which are written by Halstead/Slowdive.
Notes: Produced by Slowdive. Mixed and flanged by Ed Buller (former
keyboardist of Psychedelic Furs) and Slowdive. Tracks 1,3,4,5,10
recorded at protocol studios, london, engineered by Andy Wilkinson
and Guy Fixen. Tracks 2,6,8 recorded at the courtyard studio,
sutton courtenay, engineered by Chris Hufford. Tracks 7,9 recorded
at the white house studio, engineered by Martin Nichols. Treatments
and keyboards on tracks 4,5 by Brian Eno. Sleeve photography by
Steve Double. + = Written by Slowdive/Brian Eno. ** = Available
on the SBK domestic-released CD. The US album cover is all black,
with a small black and white picture of the UK cover in the lower
right hand corner. In the upper right hand corner it says the band
and the album title in a little red outlined box. The disk itself
has the same picture on it, but it is printed in red and black.
There is also a different picture of the band on the inside sleeve.
Sources tell me there inside sleeve makes a great mini-poster.
The album title comes from a tape of Frank Rizzo and the Jerky Boys
they were listening to while recording, where, in one of their
telephone pranks, the line "My wife loves that Greek shit. She'll
suck your cock like souvlaki." appears.
Live in Oslo (??)
CAS UK Self-released
Machine Gun
Souvlaki Space Station
Avalyn I
Catch The Breeze
Melon Yellow
She Calls
October 18th, 1993 at the Sentrum Scene in Oslo, Norway
>Sold at gigs during the Souvlaki tour

Pygmalion (February 6, 1995)
LP UK Creation CRELP 168
CD UK Creation CRECD 168(Time: 48:37)
CD UK Creation PCRESCD 168 (19 January 1995) [Promo]
CD JP ???
10.05 Rutti
6.01 Crazy For You
4.49 Miranda
6.22 Trellisaze
1.42 Cello
6.47 J's Heaven
1.48 Visions of La
6.54 Blue Skied An' Clear
4.07 All of Us
Written by Neil Halstead, except for those marked with a '*', which are written by Halstead/Slowdive.
Notes: All compositions by N Halstead. Lyrics on tracks 3 & 7 by
R Goswell. Recorded at Courtyard Studio, Sutton Courtney,
Nr Abingdon. Engineered and Produced by Chris Hufford and
Slowdive. Published by EMI Music Ltd. Cover Illustration
by Steven Woodhouse. It says "Christian Savill" on the
inside sleeve. Is that the correct spelling of his surname?

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