Compilation Appearances

creation vid cover
Sarah Compilation - "Glass Arcade" (August, 1991)
LP UK Sarah 501
CAS UK Sarah 501CS
CD UK Sarah 501CD
3.52 Sleep
3.19 Breathe
Notes: Actually, this ought to be in an Eternal discography, but
it's included here anyway, because the close link.

creation vid cover
Sorted Snorted and Sported (1991)
CD UK Creation CRECD 117
5.22 Shine
Notes: There's no information about the band on the sleeve. Only
their name and the song title.

creation vid cover
Select Magazine Issue ?? (1992)
5.16 Shine(from "Holding Our Breath EP")
Free Creation Tape that came with Slect magazine

creation vid cover
Some Velvet Morning
Volume 7 (July 19, 1993)
3.24Some Velvet Morning
Notes: A cover of "a great piece of '60s weirdness by Lee Hazlewood
and Nancy Sinatra" with the same name. Produced by Slowdive.
Engineered by Guy Fixsen. Mixed by Ed Buller. Recorded at
Protocol Studios, London.
Rock Furore (Nr.5 October, 1993)
CD NOR Rock Furore RFCD-6
3.32 Dagger
Notes: A norwegian music magazine made by "Norsk Rockforbund"
that includes a free CD with every issue, and in one issue,
'Dagger' was included on the CD.
Reebok Compilation : Boks (????)
CD US? ???
Notes: The title of their track is not listed on the sleeve.
[HELP! Anyone have this compilation CD, who could add the
missing information?]

creation vid cover
Blue Skied An' Clear
Music From the Motion Picture: The Doom Generation (24 October 1995 )
CD US American Recordings ????
6.52 Blue Skied An' Clear
Notes: Written by Neil Halstead, published by EMI Blackwood Music Inc.
(BMI). Produced by Chris Hufford and Slowdive. (C) 1995 Creation
Records [Previously unavailable in the US]. The movie was directed
by Greg Akari. To be released later during 1995 by Samuel Goldwyn.
Extra: They use two Slowdive songs in the movie, but only one is
included on the CD. Here's a brief description on where the
songs are used, courtesy of Nathan: "The tracks were prominentyly
used in the movie. "Alison" is the 2nd song in the movie, after
the opening scene, and is playing out of a car tape deck as two
of the main characters are "snogging" away in a car at a drive
in movie theater. The song is quite clearly heard, not just back-
ground music. The second Slowdive song is "Blue Skied An' Clear"
and is used with the closing shot of the film - also very clearly
heard and prominently positioned."

creation vid cover
Some Velvet Morning
Sharks Patrol These Waters (?, 1995)
3.24 Some Velvet Morning
Notes: The "best of" compilation of the Volume compilations.
44 tracks and 192 page booklet.
Catch the Breeze
Indie Top 20 Vol. 13
CD UK Beechwood Music Records TT013CD
2xLP UK Beechwood Music Records TT013LP
4.21 Catch the Breeze

splendor cover
Shine (Splendiferous Locust Mix) *
Various - Splendor - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (1999)
CD US Astralwerks ASW 06282-2
02. Shine (Splendiferous Locust Mix)
* remix by Locust aka Mark Van Hoen

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