Original Slowdive 4AD Demos: Eternal Demos (1989)
Take me Down
"Pygmalion Demos" 1995 miranda, watch me, yesterday, to watch, option 1 (instrumental #2), cargo, sinewaves, ambient guitar, crazy for you, prautrock, changes, red five "Last Slowdive Demos (first M3 demos?)" 1996 geisha, lonesome fools, richard, summer daze "Original Slowdive 4AD Demos: Eternal Demos" 1989 breathe, sleep, take me down, remember (1992) Unreleased Songs (39 so far!) Summer Day Silver Screen (demo) Hide Your Eyes I Saw The Sun AB (with Brian Eno) Stars That Shine Dagger (electric version) Sleep (vocal version) Shine (splendiferous Locust mix) Silver Screen (version 2) Joy Bleed I Thought I Saw Song #1 Song #2 Drunken Nonsense Hide Your Eye (demo) Souvlaki Instrumental (take 1) It's Not For You Bleed (take 2) Joy (take 2) I Saw The Sun (take 2) Colours In Spain Curtains and Carpet Shine (Splendor Version) Shine (take 2) Richard (demo) Cello Theme (demo) Changes (demo) Nightmare(demo) Sleep (re-done demo 2) On The Horizon **NEW Before The War **NEW Jazz Odeon **NEW Jazz Odeon (Rare Live w/Intro) Soulaki Space Station (Original Live Version) Curtains And Carpet (Original Live Version) Catch The Breeze (video edit) Alison (video edit)
5 EP (In Mind Remixes) (November 29, 1993)
CRE 157T - 12"
CRESCD 157R - CD5 (Time: 18.34)
a) In Mind Bandulu Remix - Out Mind (8.07)
b) In Mind Reload Remix - The 147 Take (10.25)
Notes: a) Credited to Halstead / Bissmire / Thompson / O'Connell,
remixed at Bandulu Productions, London. b) Credited to
Halstead / Pritchard / Middleton, remixed at Evolution
Productions, Crewkerne.

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