Radio Sessions.

Peel session (Spring 1991)
BBC Radio (Time: 17.30)
Catch The Breeze
Shine (called "Song 1")
Golden Hair
anyone have this item? please let me know! maybe we can trade


The Pumpkin Fairies (Pre-Slowdive) (1989)
CAS UK Self-released
everything you breath
stephanie says***
fifteen million smiles
you make me feel
the matter with me
dream on..
(untitled ghost track)
All tracks written by Neil except ***Velvet Underground.
7 song cassette demo. Very few copies exsist. It was recorded on 2 Jan 1989 at Reading Berks Rehearsal studios, when Neil was 18 and Rachel just 17.
If anyone has this on cd please get in touch. an original cassette would be cool too! I'm desperate!
Just for a Day more details soon
Souvlaki more details soon
Pygmalion more details soon


She Calls
Slowdive/Ride US Tour Split 7" (1992)
7" US SBK Records/Sire PB05468
5.38 She Calls
Blue coloured vinyl
Alison (February ?, 1994)
CD UDS BK Records/ERG DPRO-08729
3.50 Alison
6.23 Moussaka Chaos
Notes: On the back of the CD there is a nice color picture of the band
and the lyrics to Alison. The CD itself is flat black with a
orange/red trim.

Odd Items.

Slowdive (November 1990)
CD UK Creation CRESCD 093 (Time: 45.17)
Notes: This is really Swervedriver's album "Raise", but the disc
and the cover are identical with the original "Slowdive"
CD single. The only thing that differs is what's *on* the
CD. Several people have also reported this since v1.1 of
the discography, so it isn't an isolated thing. Note the
interesting connection by the way in the HISTORY section.
Beach Song (1992)
7" US Sunday Records Sunday 004 - Sunday Records Flexi No. 2
3.20 Beach Song
3.39 Take Me Down
Notes:7" blue coloured (33 rpm) Lyrics to the songs are printed on the cover.
Extra: Nick Chaplin tells where the tracks come from: "They were from
the original session for the 'slowdive' ep. Two songs from the
same tape, 'Slowdive' and 'Avalyn' were used on our first ep.
We didn't re-record them."
And Pippin brings the following information:
"...the sound quality is not too good. The music sounds like Ride
when it comes to speed and use of guitars, though the traditional
Slowdive-sound is present. adress is printed on it as well:
SUNDAY RECORDS - 8335 - Rolling Meadows, IL - 60008 USA."
Just For a Day (?)
CAS US SBK Records
Notes: Misprint, which contains only two songs (one on each side)
by an unknown (non-independent) artist.

Promotional Items.

Just for a Day/ Holding Our Breath Framed and Signed Print
US SPK Records
A US promotional piece for Just for a Day.
Signed by Califram
Just for a Day Mininature Promo Kite
US SPK Records
A US promotional piece for Just for a Day.

Related Releases.

Various - Blue Skied an' Clear (26 August?2002)
CDx2 GER Morr Music MM030CD
LPx3 GER Morr Music MM030
01 Future 3 - Addson (3:13)
02 ISAN - Waves (6:55)
03 Lali Puna - 40 Days (3:52)
04 Ulrich Schnauss - Crazy for You (6:31)
05 B. Fleischmann & Ms. John Soda - Here She Comes (4:24)
06 Limp - Souvlaki Space Station (5:19)
07 Solvent - When the Sun Hits (3:59)
08 Styrofoam - Altogether (3:58)
09 Skanform - Here She Comes (2:31)
10 ISAN - Cedda's Dream (4:42)
11 Kom╬it - When the Sun Hits (3:04)
12 Manual - Blue Skied an' Clear (5:32)
13 Herrmann & Kleine - Dagger (4:43)
14 m?m - Machine Gun (3:50)

01 Manual - Summer Haze (5:11)
02 ISAN - My Last Journey (Weather Balloon) (5:56)
03 Guitar - House Full of Time (4:46)
04 Ulrich Schnauss - Wherever You Are (6:38)
05 Styrofoam - Fade Out Your Eyes (5:25)
06 Populous - Cddjster (4:22)
07 Future 3 - Stuff (3:50)
08 Solvent - Discontinued Parts (Instrumental Mix) (4:02)
09 Herrmann & Kleine - Leaving You Behind (6:32)
10 B. Fleischmann - Take a Day Off (5:56)
11 Icebreaker International & Manual - Into Forever (5:06)
12 Kom╬it - Same, Same (4:03)
13 Ms. John Soda - Soddd Ground (3:27)
14 Limp - Silent Running (4:34)
A tribute of covers to the Slowdive.
The original Slowdive songs have been released on Creation Records between 1991 and 1995.
Cd 1 is a compilation of Slowdive covers, all songs written by Neil Halstead, or Neil Halstead and Chris Hufford.
Cd 2 is a collection of 'songs inspired by the music of Slowdive', songs on this cd are written by the performing bands themselves.

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