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The Pumpkin Fairies (Pre-Slowdive) (1989)
CAS UK Self-released
Everything you breath
Stephanie says***
Fifteen million smiles
Uou make me feel
Whats the matter with me
Dream on..
(untitled ghost track)
All tracks written by Neil except ***Velvet Underground.
7 song cassette demo. Very few copies exsist. It was recorded on 2 Jan 1989 at Reading Berks Rehearsal studios, when Neil was 18 and Rachel just 17.
If anyone has this on cd please get in touch. an original cassette would be cool too! I'm desperate!
I Am The Elephant Soundtrack (?, 1995)
01 - I Believe
02 - Money
03 - Painting
04 - Like Up?
05 - Ports Theme #1
06 - Nightmare
07 - Cello Theme
08 - Ports Theme #2
Notes: A movie by Forest Wise.
Bootleg CDs exist. You can also download it at
Suppossedly Forest Wise sold the orig-nal tapes he got from Neil, if anyone has more info on this, please let me know

Neil Halstead

invisible invisible cd
Invisible Soundtracks Volume 1 (? July 1995)
Invisible Soundtracks: Macro 1 (19 May 1997)
12" UK Leaf records REEL1
CD UK Leaf records REEL2
7.53 A Harsh Truth, parts 1 & 2
Notes: Written/Produced by Tony F Wilson and Neil Halstead
under the name "Zurich". A 4-track compilation EP, only
included here because of the Neil Halstead connection.
Extra: It has a plain grey hand-printed sleeve, with a blue leef.
The label on the display copy says "three ambient tracks,
one NOT ambient!".
A description of the track: "Either a harp, or a guitar which
sounds like a harp, a bit of bass and yet more echo - I'm not
sure if there is a flute in there as well, such is the quality
of my hi-fi system. It may just be an effect added to the
guitar. Sounds a bit like a "Pygmalion" out-take.".
Vinyl limited to 1000 copies

Rachel Goswell

pearl whirlpool rownderbowt
Chapterhouse - Pearl
Pearl (1991)
UK 7"/12"/CD Dedicated Stone 003CD

Whirlpool (25 June 1991)
UK LP/CD Dedicated DEDCD001
US CD Dedicated/BMG

Rownderbowt (14 October 1996)
UK CD Dedicated
Rachel sings back-up vocals on Pearl
Cuba - Winter Hill
Cuba - Leap of Faith (13 September 1999)
LPx2 UK 4AD CAD 9014

Air Cuba - Leap of Faith (5 Ocotber 1999)
(Released with the band name modified)
Rachel sings vocals on Winter Hill
Rachel Goswell vocals float over a glowing, country-tinged melody and a brass-fuelled crescendo.
Zephyrs - Setting Sun
Zephyrs - When the Sky Comes Down It Comes Down On Your Heads (17 September 2001)
CD Southpaw
Rachel sings vocals on setting Sun

What they're up to now

Mojave 3 Features Neil, Rachel, Ian
Monster Movie Features Christian

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